Find Your Feminine Podcast

Confidence, Intuition & Pussy Power

May 28, 2021 Carlie Jade Season 2 Episode 20
Find Your Feminine Podcast
Confidence, Intuition & Pussy Power
Show Notes

Hello beautiful souls, 

Today's episode is a little highlight on all the juicy things I discussed at an event recently to a room full of women! And it's all about confidence!

What to expect in today's ep:

  • My experience with confidence and some stories of my own personal journey coming back to self. 
  • How you wont feel confident if you don't feel safe in your own body.
  • Everyday life keeps us in our fight or flight and what this is effecting
  • Common reasons why women have thyroid and period problems.
  • Connecting with your intuition is always the answer!
  • Where my intution lies within my body 

and SOOOOO much more!

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